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Balinese Rites of Passage: from Birth to the Great Departure

A Cultural, Spiritual, and Personal Healing Journey in Bali ~ 2024.

In this two-week tour, we will explore both inner and outer landscapes as we delve into the Balinese spiritual and cultural practices (rites of passage) that are seamlessly woven into the fabric of daily life.

Under Surya's expert guidance, we will be welcomed into temples and the homes/studios of artists and healers. Under Alexandra’s gentle guidance, we will take time each day to deepen and integrate our experiences in this rich, soulful culture through group discussions, guided meditation/exercises, dreamwork, journal writing and periods of silence.

The mythological, spiritual and ancestral environment of Bali can stimulate deep psychological insights, transformation and healing. It is our intention to return home with a renewed faith in humanity and more capacity to fully embrace this wondrous life—with all its passages, including the Great Departure.

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“I loved our circle each morning and the wonderful bonding that took place. I will remember that most! Between Alexandra, Surya and Judy (with the inside Bali scoop and connections), what a wonderful experience!” ~ C.B

“The way we came together each day, communed, shared so deeply, lived, cried, laughed, shared/explored TOGETHER, was the richest, most juicy and divine gift. . . The brilliant facilitation of sacred circle, and the extraordinarily intuitive wisdom, kindness and gentle- strength that Alexandra wielded with the group and each individual was quite touching to witness. I personally broke through some barriers and expanded my heartspace and my thinking. . . It was really life changing- - seriously, this was one of the best trips of my life!”~ N.G.

“Whenever I feel a little bit anxious about life, I always bring myself back to the mountain in Munduk, at that meditation space overlooking the mountains. It usually calms me down immediately. Thank you so much for allowing me to participate in such a wonderful trip! Your guidance is phenomenal. What I will remember the most are the people I met during the trip. Because of you all, I can claim this is truly the most unforgettable trip I ever had.” ~ O.L.

“I have never had a deeper, more meaningful group experience.” ~ J.M.

“I loved the combination of Surya and Alexandra. The knowledge, sensitivity, love and insight into Bali that Surya shared with us made the trip for me and allowed me to experience Bali everyday in a more thoughtful way, with greater awareness to everything around me. Alexandra opened paths within each person through meditation and self awareness that helped each of us look deeper into our experiences of grief and ancestors. Together they facilitate a greater experience of, and insights into, ourselves and Bali.” ~ L.C.

“The Balinese people once again renewed my faith in the goodness of the human race. Their sweetness, patience, strength, and friendliness inspire me to try to be a better person.” ~ M.S.


with Alexandra Kennedy & I Made Suryasa ~ Aug. 18-30, 2018

Placeholder imageBali is only one of more than 17,000 islands in Indonesia – the fourth most populous nation in the world. But this island, currently enjoying an artistic renaissance, must be one of the world’s loveliest. It is rich in dramatic scenery, ancient temples, and graceful people. An immense nation covering a total land area of 741,000 square miles, Indonesia is still growing. One-fourth of its 400 volcanoes are still active, changing the country’s contours to new scenes spectacular in their contrasts.

Bali remains one of the few places in the world where the traveler can explore and discover untouched places and witness religious rituals that have not diminished with the passing of time. Every back road is a gateway to the heart of the Balinese people.

In this two-week sojourn, we will be exploring how the Balinese culture embraces dying (“The Great Departure”), grieving and living in their rites of passage. There will be talks on birth ceremonies, the two stages of the cremation ritual (Ngban/Palebon– which is essentially returning the five elements back to Nature) and deitification of the ancestor (Mamukur/Ngeroras).

We will take time each day to deepen and integrate our experiences in this rich, soulful culture through group discussions, meditation, dreamwork, periods of silence, journal writing, and guided meditations/exercises. It is our intention to return home with a more spacious relationship to death/dying and grieving—and as a result more capacity to embrace this wondrous life more fully

For the tour’s itinerary and details about the tour, see the Danutours website:

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"In The Footsteps Of St. Francis"

12 day tour in Italy 1996

Presented through University of California Santa Cruz Extension

Planning Your Trip To Tuscany And Umbria
Get to know the rolling hills, walled medieval towns, abundant art, food and wine of the region surrounding towns such as Florence, Spoleto, Siena and Orvieto. From the Renaissance to the present day, this region has balanced rural simplicity with high culture. Experience the landscape that looks much the same as it did in the works of Fillipo Lippi or Piero della Francesca the charm of a lifestyle that maintains a civilized simplicity.

The course will emphasize planning your stay to balance the viewing cultural icons with a sense of daily life. We'll use slides, stories and discussion to acquaint you with intriguing small towns, interesting restaurants, local cuisine, special niches in churches, and particular rooms in museums. In addition, we will discuss renting a villa in the countryside, the tradition of the [passagiata] and ways to use cafes and bars.

You will be given background reading and contacts for further research. Whether you're ready to travel this summer or are just interested in Italian culture, you will find this day stimulating and fun.

Alexandra and Jon Kennedy have traveled to Tuscany and Umbria many times. They consider Assisi their "home away from home," and enjoy sharing their experiences of Italian culture.

Presented at University of California Santa Cruz Extension.

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