Psychotherapy Inspiring You to Embrace Life Fully
Alexandra Kennedy, MA, MFT
Alexandra Kennedy, MA, MFT
Psychotherapy Inspiring You to Embrace Life Fully
Psychotherapy Inspiring You to Embrace Life Fully
Psychotherapy Inspiring You to Embrace Life Fully

Welcome! I am a psychotherapist in private practice for over 45 years, a teacher, speaker, and author of five books (three on grief). Through my psychotherapy, books and trainings, I offer compassionate, insightful support and solid strategies to enlighten you in your grieving and living fully. This work is empowering to my clients, as they connect with a flow of healing and transformation within themselves; they learn new tools for living more fully and productively—tools that they can carry into their lives long after our time together has passed. My goal is to inspire, empower, and expand your capacity to live fully as you connect with your inner resources and discover true peace. Let’s start the journey together today.

Working with Alexandra, I have healed parts of the heart that I thought were irretrievable. Her trust that each will find the right path lights the way. Letting go of past grief allows me to live fully in the present moment. As I watch the sun rise this morning and suffuse my world with light, I feel immense gratitude for the work that we have accomplished together.

-- Joan

Workshop Information

Balinese Rites of Passage: From Birth to the Great Departure.

A Cultural, Spiritual, and Personal Healing Journey in Bali ~ August 16~29 2022.


I regularly refer my acupuncture patients to Alexandra for EMDR. The results have consistently been astounding and she receives rave reviews from each person across the board. Although each patient has a different presentation (digestive issues, back pain, etc.), the reason that I refer them is the same - they are stalled in their healing process. A session or two of EMDR with Alexandra clears out the "stuck emotions" from the nervous system and their bodies respond immediately and they are able to continue up the healing spiral.

These EMDR sessions with her are truly incredible. My patients have commented on how differently they feel within an hour's time. This unique approach combined with her decades of experience and her kind and loving demeanor create the structure for these miracles to happen!
-Marianne Benforado L.Ac

Book Review: ""

HONORING GRIEF is a living jewel. Open anywhere and your being lightens up. . . It's more than a grief book because it reminds me to live fully -- it's now a bedside book for me. If I could give it more than 5 stars, I'd give it a 10.
— Luchy

Alexandra's Instagram Page From Instagram:

I lost my partner 2/2019. I started this account at that time & somehow found your account. 935 days later I cannot tell how grateful I am for your site. Many do not understand that grief is grief. Your posts have been a source of light & hope. A reminder that I am a human & like love, grief is universal. Everything I was feeling was natural. Your posts gave me the courage to sit with the pain. My Mom would tell me the only way out is through. Thank you for validating my Mom. I know it’s not over but upon reflection on the beginning I wanted to thank you for being one of my greatest sources to reduce suffering. You are a beautiful human. ✌🏽, ❤️ & 😂

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Alexandra's Books

Honoring Grief

A night light for people in dark times.
—Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.

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Losing a Parent

Losing a Parent

This is an extraordinary book, beautifully written, instructive, brimming with insights into the possibilities for turning the death of a parent into a rich and transforming life event.
—EastWest Magazine

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The Infinite Thread: Healing RelationshipsBeyond Loss

The Infinite Thread: Healing Relationships Beyond Loss

At last! A deeply real and profoundly wise book on healing a life after loss...
—Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.

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How Did I Miss All This Before?

How Did I Miss All This Before?

Truly a sacred book, straight from soul.
—Marion Woodman, Ph.D.

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