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Honoring Grief   Honoring Grief
A night light for people in dark times.
—Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.


How Did I Miss All This Before? spacer How Did I Miss All This Before?
Truly a sacred book, straight from soul.
—Marion Woodman, Ph.D


Losing a Parent   Losing a Parent
This is an extraordinary book, beautifully written, instructive, brimming with insights into the possibilities for turning the death of a parent into a rich and transforming life event.
—EastWest Magazine


The Infinite Thread: Healing Relationships Beyond Loss   The Infinite Thread:
Healing Relationships
Beyond Loss

At last! A deeply real and profoundly wise book on healing a life after loss...
—Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.



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Deep within each one of us is a vast intelligence that moves us toward wholeness. I am continually in awe of how effectively this guides our healing and awakening process. By learning to listen to our dreams, feelings, body sensations, and circumstances, we discover the clues as to where our healing wants to go next.

My work as a therapist is to create a safe, supportive space for clients to open up, experience life as it is right now, and explore whatever is calling out for attention from within ourselves or from outer challenges. Often we may need to make detours into past traumas that prevent a full surrender into the present. As old grief, traumas, hurts, and losses are embraced and healed, inevitably clients drop into the deepest grief of all—the abandonment of oneself. As this is grieved, then the unique expression of the essence of that person can be freed up to participate fully in life, to blossom like a flower.

This work is empowering to my clients as they connect with a flow of healing and transformation from within themselves and learn new tools for living more fully—tools that they can carry into their lives long after our time together has passed.

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Book Talk/Signing at
Book Passage Corte Madera
Feb 7, 4PM

Keynote Conscious Grieving Conference San Rafael
June 5 see News

Waking Up in Paradise Retreat - Big Island
Oct. 2015

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"I can say from my own personal experience that the work Alexandra Kennedy brings through her books, as well as her life's work as a psychotherapist, is one of great healing, compassion, and transformation. . . I highly recommend Alexandra’s books, workshops, and private sessions."
— Teresa

"After the sudden death of my husband, I struggled with moving forward. Working through the deep well of grief with my wonderful guide has completely changed my life."
— Jan

"Times with Alexandra are sessions with a wise soul. She helps me sort through struggles and dilemmas, as well as recognize dynamics I've been blind to, all the while finding taproots of well-being. She diligently frames directions to put into practice living in the wider world. I always feel undercurrents of gladness in our meetings. Her fearless attention in the face of challenging emotions and surrounding situations I find deeply nourishing to my own efforts to meet and transform the pressing dynamics I encounter. I'm inspired by her ebullient calm, her resilient vitality, her capacity to think lucidly amidst stormy weather."
— Dan

"I continue to be an ambassador for you and your books as I meet so many people with unresolved grief issues from their past."
— Josephine, Cote D'Ivoire Africa

"Losing a Parent helped me heal in places I didn't know existed, and in ways I had not previously understood were available to me. I urge you to explore this transformative book!"
— Jennifer

"Alexandra was an extraordinary keynote speaker, counselor, and guide for our Survivors of Suicide Loss Conference. Her insight into grief and the healing process reframed our sorrow and created the potential for transformation. We were blessed by her presence and deeply grateful for her passion and energy."
— Dawn McGahan, LCSW, American Foundation of Suicide Prevention



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